friday letters: race edition

Guys. It's here. We're here. In two days I'll be running 13.1 miles in Hyannis. So this week's letters are dedicated to my running.
french 75 at bacco
Dear Mother Nature, Thank you for the fantastic weather forecast. Please do me a favor and keep the weather warm and beautiful. You've been good to me this whole spring. Dear legs, You're amazing. Have I told you that lately? I don't think so. But you are. You're phenomenal. You're doing remarkable things. Things I could never believe you could do. Thank you for continuing to amaze me each and every day that you keep me standing here on this earth. Dear feet, You've been taking a real beating lately, and I'm sorry about that. I promise once this madness is over I will take you for an overdue pedicure. Promise. Dear race outfit, You're supah fly. And I'm kind of obsessed with you. I hope you make me run supah fast. Because I feel legit when I run in you. Dear Bianca, You're an amazing friend. And I can't wait for our epic road trip. Dear race, I can't wait to cross your finish line.

I hope you all have a fantastic (long) weekend! Happy Memorial Day!



  1. Oh I wanna see your outfit!!! And yes, my weekend will be awesome because I'm going to spend it the opposite of awake.

  2. Can't wait to see you race outfit! So excited for you lady!

  3. Oh best of luck on your race! Happy weekend xo

  4. YAYYY oh I may have already missed it but if not good luck and if so I hope it was fabulous, I'm sure you did great!!

  5. I keep telling you... you are a rock star.

  6. Ah hope it all went well! I'm sure it did!


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