a night at the symphony

Occasionally, I like to get back to my roots.

You know, my classical roots. I played the violin very seriously (and competitively) from age 4 to 19. It was a huge part of my life, and I did everything from solo recitals to quartets to orchestras. It was my life. And when I stopped playing, I sort of eliminated classical music from my every day. If I couldn't play music for fun, I didn't want to hear the melodies I used to easily pull from my fingertips either.

Recently, I've opened up to possibly starting to play again sometime soon. And, in that, I went back to the symphony for the first time in years. The Cambridge Symphony Orchestra, conducted by my former violin teacher and dear friend, played a benefit concert at Harvard a few weekends ago. Of course my mother went too :)
sandy | sunset | pattern play
I must say, I've missed listening to classical music like that. It was nice to go back.

Honestly, it felt like home.

What makes you feel like home?


  1. vodka.

    i love sandy. and you obvi, and craig...but only craig somedays. he's gotta earn my affection.

  2. My husband loooooooves classical music (and the baby is partial to it too)

  3. Dude Alex, that's awesome you played the violin. Classical music is so calming...definitely so nice in the middle of a stressful week. I feel like it grounds me.

  4. your hidden talents astound me. full of surprises you are!

  5. That is awesome that you used to play the violin. I'm the same way with the piano but it's surprising how much you can remember when you pick it back up. I love your outfit. :)

  6. i desperately wish i knew how to play an instrument. learning how to play the piano has been high on my bucket list for so long!

  7. You are the most sophisticated. I want to hear you play please :) ps. these photos = stunning as always.

  8. What a fun night out! Can't wait to hear if you do go back to playing. :)

  9. My childhood home memories are of the warm summer air and sound of the swimming pool filter next door. The smell of wet pavement also brings back my childhood.


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