race recap + an outfit post

Well, I successfully completed the Great Hyannis Road Race Half Marathon. I didn't run it in the time I wanted to, but I finished. And, quite honestly, at the end of the day I need to be thankful for that.
The first seven miles were bliss. I ran alone, which I haven't done for a longer race before. It was a little lonely, especially since there weren't a ton of people cheering on the side, but I didn't mind it too much. I didn't have to worry about anyone except for myself. I could go my pace. And that was comforting. I settled in pretty quickly, and the route was super scenic. But it was hot. It was low-70s when we started and the sun was relentless.

Around mile 8 I got really dizzy, and unfortunately I needed to walk. I had been chowing down on a few Gu Chomps every two miles because of the heat, but at this point I needed to slow down and eat more than a few Gu guys. Once I regained my balance I set off again.

Then I hit mile 10 and my right IT band just decided it wanted to give me hell. I felt like someone jabbed daggers into my hip, and was once again forced to walk. It frustrated me because I knew I was blowing my time. I got angry. I cursed. I cried. I tried to run as far as I could with the pain, but I couldn't make it more than a mile without needing to stop. Around mile 12, one of the race workers saw me crying and running, and he thankfully told me I was close to being done. After slowing to a slow jog, I decided this was it. I looked down, saw the mile 13 marker and decided to pump it up. I couldn't do much more damage than I had already done. I crossed the finish line 30 seconds behind my time in Providence.

I'm disappointed in myself because I worked really hard to improve my time. I'm mad that my body decided to turn on me at the wrong moment. I'm upset that I didn't do my best.

However, all of these problems were out of my control. It was a hot, humid race. The sun beat down for most of the run. And there was no telling that my IT band would induce so much pain. But I'm proud of myself for finishing, even with the pain.

I'll get redemption in October at the BAA Half Marathon.

Oh, and an outfit post, since lots of people were asking about my race outfit...
our tops: under armour | my shorts: lululemon | my sneakz: nike
I felt supah fly. And I now have a baller shorts tan. Sa-weet.

All in all, a good weekend.

So tell me, what did you do this long weekend?


  1. Congrats on the run. Of course you always want to PR, but different days/courses/races are going to bring different results. Think of your times in a large vacuum, not as individual results.

    To answer your quesion in one long string of words:

  2. Congrats on finishing girl, you should be really proud of yourself! I know it's frustrating not to PR when you've put in all the work, but each race is different and it sounds like you really overcame obstacles to finish in the time that you did so that's awesome!

    Also, I need those shoes. Like now.

  3. Congratulations on finishing! Seriously, I feel like the heat makes everything SO much harder -- and that SUCKS that your IT band was acting up! But I bet a lot of people would just give up with that kind of pain going on ... you're such a badass! Also, I feel like if you're able to pull off those shorty-shorts (and look that good in them), you've already won, really. :)

  4. Congrats on the half!!! So exciting!

  5. So proud of you, Alex! I hurt my IT band one time last year and it really did feel awful...I'm sorry that happened to you. However, you finished and that is great! I'm sure you'll do even better in the next one, too. Your racing outfit is super cute, as well! I need to get some cute running clothes...as soon as I get my butt in good enough shape to rock them!

  6. I was there so I know the heat was NO JOKE. And neither is IT pain.

    But we totally looked awesome in our shorts and tanks. So that's a TOTAL WIN.

  7. Great job girlfriend! Seriously... this shiz is hard. And, not that I know from MUCH experience, but yeah...those things happen; unexpected pain. It blows. But the important thing is you FINISHED! And that's got to feel amazing, yes??

    Ugh. Can't wait to be done.

    And you're doing another in October?!?! You cray cray girl..

  8. Whatever, you looked hot and that's all that matters, Alex. Duh.

    Seriously though, you were out there which is so much more than most people can say. You keep rocking hard and it'll pay off in October. Unless of course there's like an earthquake and a swarm of locusts? And then that'll be shit out of your control, too. <3

  9. congrats on reaching the finish line!

  10. Girl you kill me I'm so excited for you + proud of you for finishing that thing on such a hot day! Oh wait and for running that far in general because frankly that distance terrifies me. So inspiring!! xo

  11. Alex I am so proud of you for doing the race and even though you didn't hit your ideal time, you finished and I am frankly in awe. Congrats my friend, you did it! :)

  12. Nicely done, Alex. I know that's super frustrating to not finish with the time you wanted (especially after all the work with training, and well, you know). But congrats anyway, b/c IT band stuff can knock you out, so kuddos for you for getting across that line, girl!

    And your race outfit is supah fly. Not gonna lie. How are those shoes?! I want them,like, yesterday. I saw some at the mall and was tempted to snatch 'em up. I assume you'd recommend?


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