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Sunday was the 11th Annual Harpoon 5-Miler to benefit The Angel Fund. This is probably my favorite race. Last year the 5-Miler was my first real race. With its flat course and the killer after party at Harpoon Brewery, it's easily one of the best races in Boston.
Five miles isn't a terribly long race (especially compared to my half marathon I'm running this coming Sunday), but it's enough time to let me really think about...well...a lot of random shit.

So here's the shit I thought about while running on Sunday.

Mile 1 | This is good. This will be a great race. I'm going to run at a comfortable pace. Oh god, what's that pain in my stomach? Could you just calm down for like 45 more minutes? I wish I had finished my coffee before this started. I hope I put on enough sunscreen. I totally forgot to put some on my nose. Shit.

Mile 2 | Was there a mile 1 marker? Did I miss that? Shit. OK. Well, I guess we must be in it. It's hot. It's really hot. How is that girl running in a tutu right now? I wish I had a tutu. I wonder what Toby's doing right now...this sweat band is going to leave an awkward tan line, isn't it? Crap. Switch arms. Did I put on deodorant this morning?

Mile 3 | WATER! Oh thank baby Jesus. It's way too hot out today. It has to be 75 right now. There's water up my nose. How do people drink cups of water AND run at the same time? I feel a pool of sweat in my sports bra. That's sexy. I wonder what my pace is. Did I just get passed by a woman in a smiley face costume? THERE IS NOTHING HAPPY ABOUT THIS. Oh. Oh no. Cramp. Ow.

Mile 4 | Keep running, Alex. Just keep running. OK, crisis averted with the cramp. It's gone! I hope no one steals my backpack at the bag drop. That would really suck. I wonder where my friends are. I'm totally last, aren't I? I think there's sweat in my eye. This mile went by SO FAST. I must be SO FAST!

Mile 5 | Shit. People are dropping like flies in this heat. Everyone's walking around me. But I am STILL powering on. Is that a woman with a baby jogger passing me right now? It is. Goddammit. Oh well, what's the saying? It's easier to pass someone than to be passed? What does that even mean? WHERE THE HELL IS THE END?! This mile has gone on forever. I hope my butt looks good in these Lululemon shorts. The people who work there are geniuses. Shit, this mile is still happening. Oh...ohmygod...there it is! THE FINISH. SPRINT.
my fabulous six-pack
I finished with a decent time of 50:19. Not my greatest, but considering I felt sub-par at the start, I'll take it. It was an awesome day with some really awesome friends.

I got this idea from here, a lovely running inspiration.


  1. Good job girlfriend!! Love the random thoughts, they truly make for better runs. Good luck this Sunday. You're gonna rock it!

    I only have 2 more weeks until my marathon!!!! ahhhh

  2. I'm so proud of you, Alex! You're great. :D I hope to run a race someday in the near future! Okay, maybe not TOO near, but you know...

  3. You are such an inspiration!

  4. This is hilarious and AWESOME. I want to be you.

  5. Races that end at breweries are literally the BEST.

    And awesome for powering on! The thoughts we think while running are amazing. It's amazing what gets us through (mantras or distractions!).

  6. LOL! You are hilarious:) Congrats on finishing! I am running one in a few weeks-eek!
    So cure in your running gear:)


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