things i've bought that i love lately

Sometimes I get things that suck. But sometimes I get things that are amazing. I guess it's a toss up, right? Here are some things I've gotten lately that I absolutely love.

Zoya Blogger Collection by Birchbox
I ordered this on a whim from Birchbox. I figured why not? I had been looking for an orange and pink nail polish, so I figured this trio might do the trick. The orange is fun and bright; perfect for summer. And all three of the colors look gorgeous together (currently I'm rocking the orange with pink accent nails). For $22, this one's a winner.

I found this sucker on sale at City Sports in an awesome teal color. Recommended by Bianca, it's the perfect size to hold snacks for running, keys, ID and a cell phone. And while I don't really like carrying my cell phone while I'm running, I know that it's important for my safety...especially during the longer runs. So this guy makes it super easy.

I don't even like crew-neck t-shirts, and I'm obsessed with this long-sleeve guy. It's just the right amount of thickness without being heavy, and it looks so classy with jeans or tucked into a skirt. Love.

What about you? Have you gotten anything recently that you just adore?


  1. I haven't...well that isn't true. I'd say my rug and my coffee table but i dont know what they look like because the rug is missing and the coffee table is still in the box.

  2. I loooove Zoya polishes, they are my fave! So creamy and pigmented.

  3. Ooh I love those nail polishes! I've never tried Zoya before, does it chip easily? That's my nail polish pet peeve!

  4. The Zoya polish set looks amazing and perfect for the warmer weather! Love it and will have to check it out on Birchbox!
    XO - Marion

  5. I loveee those Zoya polishes and have been wanting to buy them for myself!! :)

  6. The Zoya colors are the perfect dose of summer! I think its time I try out birchbox:)
    Have a great day ahead! x

  7. Shadow Paks are the BEST! I have two because my dumb dog chewed up the first one. Word to the wise: I used to wear mine in the front, around my hips, and it always rode up and drove me crazy, but then I recently tried it in the back, tightened up around my waist, and it was SO much more comfortable! I'm sure you already figured that out because you're a pro, but it was a big discovery for me, so I wanted to share. :)


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