things to do in boston

Boston's farmer's market is Haymarket. Every weekend, vendors line up with fresh produce and sell sell sell. It's cheap, it's fun and it's full of different personalities.

But if you're in need of a quick snack, there's a great place to check out.

The Raw Bar.
For $5 you can get either six fresh clams or four fresh oysters. They even slice them open for you.
If you love fresh seafood, this is the place to head to. With a small table full of hot sauces and cocktail sauces, it's a dream.

To me, it's like a little slice of heaven.


  1. omg. i want this. for lunch - later.

  2. I've always wanted to visit Boston...just another reason!

    Maybe I'll be able to convince my husband we should move...

  3. Gah, I love farmers markets. And oysters.

  4. This is AWESOME! I wanna go to Boston!

  5. AHHH hope you had the best time! it sounds delicious!

  6. I wish I liked oysters. I just CANNOT. That texture...

  7. Do I like oysters?? I want to so badly, especially with this so close by, but I still haven't gotten up the nerve to try them!


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