wordless wednesday: the tobster

Dear Toby,
Thank you for making the last six months so amazing and fun and full of love.

Your mommy


  1. I have got to get Katy one of those harness things! I walked her on the sidewalk today (we've normally been staying in my big front yard), and near the end she got tired and cranky, tugging a little at the leash and I just had visions of her getting away from me and running out in the street and SPLAT. My heart would break.

  2. Awww sweet puppy. :)

    I wish I had a Toby in my life. You're lucky.

  3. Awww...I love him. What a sweetie. Sometimes I wish dogs could talk, wonder what he'd be saying.

  4. Tobeezzzz you make me so happy. Your mama is a lucky lady to have you :) :)


Oh, herro there.

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