Changes happen more often than I like sometimes. And while the majority of them are good, some of them can be bad. I don't know. The bad ones often outweigh the good, leaving me wary of the good ones.

But changes come along and they alter the way we perceive...well...everything. And the changes don't really ever stop, you know? They just keep coming at you, one after another, and you never really have a chance to fully acclimate to the initial changes. Things just keep moving.

That's also the exciting part of life. You never know exactly what to expect next. Life surprises you. It gives you new and exciting things to look forward to. It keeps you on your toes.

And I love it. I thrive on it. I love the changes...even if the bad ones leave me reeling. It's a conundrum, really. To fear and love change all at once. It terrifies me and leaves me breathless. I don't know.

This is an oddly vague post, and I'm really sorry about that (gosh, don't bloggers say things like this all the time?). I can say it's all good change. Welcome change. And while I'm nervous about where it's really taking me, I'm very excited.

I also feel that while this is vague, it's not really vague at all. It's a reflection on life. Of the life we're living now, as twenty-somethings. And isn't that why I started this blog in the first place? To document the life of a twenty-something?
Tuesday morning's coffee talk for you.


  1. I know what this is about and I fully support it. And I support coffee. And I support you and of course...Toby. Right now, my journalism professors are looking at this comment and dying inside. Screw them.

  2. I feel ya girl, our twenties are some crazy times...but I suppose I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

  3. Darn 20s! Life is so complicated yet ridiculously easy at the same time. Not that I would want to be 30 JUST yet.

    Anyways - YAY FOR CHANGES! Or potential changes. or non changes.

    mainly yay for being cryptic.

  4. Changes are so good for a person. I had to move a lot growing up and although it was hard, I grew with each move, met new people, and learned from my surrounding. I am actually slow to change, but I know it often times is the best thing:)
    Cheers with a coffee in hand! ;)

  5. Hmmmm I support whatever is going on because 98% of the time change is amazing!

  6. What are you going to do with this blog when you turn 30? hehe :p Change can be really good. & I read something the other day that I think vaguely applies here :

    Don't wait until you're "ready". Noone ever feels Ready to take that next really big leap, just take it.

  7. I've always been sort of cautious when it comes to changes (good or bad)...but I like how you phrased this. Embracing the changes that come your way is always a good thing.

  8. You are so good. I DO NOT do well with change and it is one thing I am trying to get better at. Cause you's right-- new things to look forward to! What can be wrong about that?


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