friday letters

Another week done. Lately I really feel like I've been working for the weekends. Ya feel me?
recently worn.
Dear weather, You're being a bit bi-polar lately, and it's really weirding me out. Stop the shenanigans. I'm not all about this. Dear Boston, You've had too many good things going on lately, and I'm sad I can't go to it all! You're fab. Dear Bloggess, I'm super excited I get to meet you tonight. You're amazing. Dear self, Stop stressing. Your white hairs are popping up like no other. Let the world unfold for you. Dear family, I've loved spending so much time with you this past weekend. Let's do it more often. Dear nieces, Stop growing up so fast. You're killing your auntie here. Dear wine, I need to get more of you. This is a reminder to myself to buy some.

Oh, and here, you all deserve something fun to lead you into your weekend...
What's on tap for you all this weekend? We're heading off to the farmer's market again (but I swear we won't buy as much), and spending some quality time with our furry friend.

Happy weekend!


  1. HAHA I just said the something last night to myself about more wine, bring on the weekend!


  2. I am so jelly of the blogess. Stop it.

  3. Ah thanks for the reminder to buy wine!xo

  4. You get white hairs too when you're stressed? Thank god. I thought I was the only one under 30 who suffered from that crap.

  5. NOooooo white hairs!!!! Yes to wine. And yay for farmer's market. Hope you're enjoying your weekend Al!

  6. heheh what a cute letter! i could use more wine too!


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