Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Have you seen the first installment of the nine to five feature? You probably should check it out and then come right back here.

The first summer party of the season was last weekend, and I was super jazzed to put on this new skirt from J.Crew. Clearly, it's THE perfect skirt for summer.

And by clearly, I mean I'll probably wear it once or twice a week from now until...forever.
similar top | skirt | shoes | similar pearls
New favorite skirt. For. Sure.

What are you wearing for summer?


  1. Ooh that skirt is darling! I actually have a navy and orange striped top from J.Crew (great minds) and I love how the colors are preppy, yet fun! Very cute :)

  2. You know I love that skirt when I immediately touched it when I saw you. Prettyy.

    PS - Cool T station (no for realz - it's a cool backdrop!)

  3. If you and Shannon could just come to Nashville and dress me each morning, that would be great!! Love this whole ensemble!

  4. very cute skirt. I have seen it at the Crew and wondered what it looked like in real life (their models...not so real!), looks adorable on you!@

  5. Hi my name is Emily and I'm obsessed with everything in your closet.

    Also who knew the T could be such a cute spot for photos??

  6. OMG I love that skirt. So, so cute!

  7. LOVE that skirt! and I love your new 9 to 5 series too :)

  8. Love the stripes! I'm wearing denim mom shorts. They're spiffy.

  9. you are so cute! love the skirt!

  10. Fo sho! That skirt is adorable. I see it with a floral top, a beige sweater rand boots, over a bikini - the possibilities are endless!


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