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My new favorite thing in the world are maxi skirts.

I know, I'm super late to the party.

I was so vehemently against them for so long. I didn't think they'd look good or be comfortable. And then on morning I woke up and just knew. I needed a maxi skirt.

So I found one and bought it, and I haven't stopped wearing it since.

Ok, so I have worn other things, but I wear this a lot.
t-shirt: gap | skirt: gap | sandals: gap
watch: bella of cape cod | ring: gift | bracelets: cape cod and momma's
necklace: tiffany's
Oh, and I love neon. Neon t-shirts are my jam.

I'm always the brightest one at the party when I wear this shirt.

Happy Monday!


  1. I was originally anti-maxi, too. I thought I was too short to wear them. But if Nicole Ritchie is not too short, then I'm not either. And now I love the look!

  2. "Neon t-shirts are my jam." I need that either written on a neon shirt or a bumper sticker. Maybe a huge poster? Best line evah! :) Happy Monday, chica

  3. Gorgeous! I am loving your t-shirt! I need to look for some fun neon pieces like this!

    xo Brunch at Saks

  4. Love this outfit girl! The neon shirt is super cute, and I'm a huge maxi skirt/dress fan as well! Hope you had a great weekend :)

  5. guurrrllll, i toold you!!!! maxi skirts are the shiii. no lie. srsly. side note: i bought a neon shirt like that from target. it's basically your shirts cheaper cousin. we're connected at the hip.

  6. Ugh I don't want to be anti-maxi skirts because I love them so they just don't work on my short little legs! So cute on you though!! Oh and ps remember how I was all obsessed with pastels forlikeever? Now it's all neon. So I want your tee.

  7. WERK IT. you look understated elegant and very, very chic!!! Also, your skin is looking great! (Weird comment, but I just posted a skincare giveaway so I'm extra attention-paying haha)

  8. You have one hell of a photographer. ;)

  9. Loveeeeeee neon! I just pulled out a very similar black maxi skirt I bought at the end of last summer to wear traveling this week. :)


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