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Thank you so much for your awesome reception with yesterday's big announcement! I'm super excited to start working with Shannon and bringing you some awesome content!

Onto some fashion.

It's starting to get hot here in Boston. This weekend was a scorcher, and I rocked shorts a lot. Shorts can be hard, especially when you have athletic thighs. A lot of shorts are so short and tight they make my legs look like sausage casings, and there's no surer way to make you look bigger than you are than by wearing clothes that are too tight. I don't own a ton of shorts, but these are definitely my favorites.
sweater: j.crew | top: gap | shorts: gap {similar} | sunnies: ray-ban 
necklace: bauble bar | sandals: jack rogers
earrings: bauble bar | toby's gear: petco
Toby was glad to make a cameo in this week's outfit post :)


  1. I mean, do I even need to say that I love your necklace or that I love you? Or that Toby is one of my favorite people? Probably not.

  2. Nice subtle brag about how athletic your thighs are (it's true, they're pretty athletic (you runner(at this point I'm just seeing if I can triple parenthesis(or quadrouple,drank too much coffee this am))))

  3. Love the outfit but you may have been upstaged by Toby's sexy harness. (j/k!)

  4. Looove the cut of that shit and seriously DIE at that photo of you and Tobz. Can you two get any more precious??

  5. Ah love that shirt on you Alex. Such a great outfit!


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