race thoughts (baa 10K)

Sunday was the BAA 10K; a glorious, sunny morning for a run that got real hot real quick.
Mile 1 | Maybe Jen and I will be able to keep up with Bianca during this race. Oh...oh no...there she goes. Ok, so we'll just run at this pace. This pace is comfortable. Sub 10-minute miles. Good stuff. Jen and I are chatting, I'm not totally losing my breath. This is GREAT! Is that the one mile marker already?! HOLY CRAP WE'RE FLYING. Oh...no...that's the one kilometer marker. Goddammit.

Mile 2 | I think I need to go to the bathroom. I should have gone before the race started, but I'm a dumbass. Oh, there's a porta potty! Oh...that line is ridic and would totally compromise my time. Meh whatever I'll hold it. Ooh look we're in Kenmore. This is easy.

Mile 3 | Oh. It's a bit hot. Jen and I aren't talking so much anymore except to check and make sure the other one is still living. Shit it's hot. I definitely remembered to wear deodorant this morning, so that's good. Oh, but someone around me definitely did not get the memo. Oh god I think I might vomit.

Mile 4 | Woo we're turning around! The race is half over! OMG THE SUN! Oh WHERE IS THE SHADE?! WHY IS IT SO SUNNY AND HOT. WHYYYYYYYYYY?! The sweat is starting to cake onto my skin. Gross. I want to cross the finish line and drink so much Gatorade. And then take the coldest shower ever. That's all I want. And maybe some pizza.

Mile 5 | Bahahaha look at that guy with the massive wedgie. That does NOT look comfortable. At all. But he's speeding away so I guess he's ok with it. Do I have a wedgie? Dear God I hope not. That would be mortifying. Are we almost done? I can do this for another like 15 minutes. I'm totally good to go. OMG why is it always yellow Gatorade during races?! I hate yellow Gatorade. And now it's all caking the inside of my mouth. Why is running so disgusting?

Mile 6 | ONE MORE MILE!!! Oh, Jen just reminded me there's an extra .2 tacked onto this. Well, that's ok. We're in and out of shade and there's a breeze, so that feels good. Oh, I know where we are. The park should be coming up...here. YES. Did I shave my legs recently? When is the last time I washed my hair? Maybe I'll do that when I get home. Oh shit is that the finish line? I SEE IT. Sprint. SPRINT SO FAST.

Finished out the 10K with a 1:03:09 time, and my dear mom Sandy gave me my medal at the finish line.
I liked that it was fairly flat and an out and back. Even though there were some points where my legs felt tight and tired, I kept going and felt good overall. I loved it.

Redemption from Hyannis? I think so :) I can't wait for my half marathon in October.


  1. Congratulations! That is amazing. I've only ever done a 5K and that was hard enough for me. I love how you felt at each mile :D Made me laugh.

  2. Awww Sandy! That photo is so amazing. Congrats!!!

  3. haha I loved your thoughts during the run. haha
    GREAT JOB!! I don't think I could do a 10K or half marathon anytime soon... I'm still doing the lil 5k stuff haha (: But you look awesome after a run!

  4. that is so awesome! good for you! i finally went running last night for the first time in forever, it felt so good!

  5. LOVE that picture! So so cute.

    And I definitely felt that way at 1km -- I was like WHOA TOO FAST. Oh wait ... zap!

  6. Awesome job lady! I think 10K is such a good distance, long enough to seem somewhat impressive but not long enough that you want to die :)

  7. You were flying!! Great time girlfriend!! :)

  8. "why is running so disgusting?" hahaha I seriously love you. And your Mom gave you your medal at the end?! What a treat!! Congrats girl - loved the mile by mile breakdown.

  9. I just laughed out loud reading this. Obsessed with you.

  10. Just replace the word "mile" with "minute" and you've described how I feel when I run!


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