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Now that summer is here (sort's after Memorial Day, so I consider it summer), I've been finding it difficult to do things with my hair. On humid days, my curls won't hold, and I won't even bother straightening it, because there's no way it'll stay straight.

I've been doing my little twist more often than not, but I'm getting bored. I need

Maybe this?

So I'm looking to you, dear readers. Help me out. What do you do with your luscious locks when it's hot out?


  1. ughhhh the heat and my hair dont like eachother haha!

    sometimes during summer at night I will shower and french braid my hair! then in the morning i take it out and it comes out wavy/curly...spray with hairspray and voila!!

    EASY! and doesnt make me look like i have a nest growinw on my head!



  2. ughhhh hate my hair right now. I'm having the same dillemma where i haven't been straightening it cause the humidity f's it up and then it looks awful especially since I'm growing my bangs out. So I'm going to get it cut after work and I'm hoping they can do SOMETHING to make it more decent. I'm thinking about getting a little bit taken off too since long hair is not fun when it's hot out.

  3. I have that same hairstyle on my pinboard, I think it's so cute! On hot days, I usually just do deep side part and then do a side braid while my hair is still damp (and just like a normal braid, not like a crazy fishtail or something complicated) and it's perfect because it looks like I tried (sort of) and I don't have to blow dry!

  4. I like this very much. Though I feel like I am the one person in the world who struggles more with wearing her hair up than down. Must try this one though!

  5. So the braided bun with the BOW beneath is just genius and classy. Love it!

    Cathy Trails

  6. Oh so gorgeous and so easy at the same time! Win-win!

  7. I love the below below the bun! I am so trying this...

  8. umm ok i LOVE it! i wish i had the time to do this!


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