an outfit post: weekend casual

In case you were ever wondering what you should wear to a hockey rink in July, this is it. I know. You all go to hockey rinks in July. Obviously. Just add a sweatshirt to keep the chill at bay while you're in the rink and you're set.
t-shirt: gap | jeans: lucky brand | belt: gap (similar) | sneakers: converse
I often go to Craig's hockey games. Oh, no. Not games in which Craig plays in. The ones for the team he coaches. But by go, I mean I usually end up at the park by the rink with Toby playing. But this week, I was the ultimate trooper. I went. And I only read my Kindle for a little bit.

I'm the greatest girlfriend, I know.
Oh, and since I know you're all actually here for Toby, and not to see what I wear on the reg...
toby. professional photobomber.
You are welcome.


  1. LOL! Toby, professional photo bomber. I knew I should have bought that damn tee.

  2. This is adorable. I like how your dog is all, "pay attentions to meeeeeeee!"

  3. WHAT is that cuteness in your hair? I loveee it such a cute touch espesh with the cute aqua tee!

  4. I love that shirt! And Toby just gets more and more adorable each time you post a pic of him! :D


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