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Another week down. We're officially more than half way through July and if I stop too long to think about it I get sad because I feel like summer is slipping away too quickly.
summer dinner: tomato, mozzarella with fresh cracked sea salt and olive oil
 - For your daily (this could possibly reach monthly) dose of cuteness, check out BuzzFeed's list of the 50 cutest things that have ever happened. It's quite the epic list.
 - Here in Boston a lovely woman tried to ride her motorized scooter up an escalator. You read that right. Up. An escalator. I have video to prove it! It's also worth noting there is an elevator in this train station approximately 20 feet away from where this occurred.
 - BuzzFeed's up again this week, but this time something a little more serious: looking more in-depth at the Photoshop issue in magazines, and the pressures of being skinny in this society. It's an epidemic, and there are a lot of other places we ought to be wagging our fingers at than just magazines who are Photoshopping models and cover girls.
I hope you have an excellent weekend; enjoy the cooler weather out here on the east coast friends! We deserve it after the ridiculous heat and humidity we've been enduring.


  1. I love the scooter video and that looks like the most delicious dinner of all time.

  2. I have no idea where summer went. Granted I live in FL and I'll still have summery weather well into October, I do feel like this year is really flying by.


  3. Sumer is going WAY to quickly!! Can't wait to check out your links! x

  4. Great article on photoshop and photos!!! Have a nice one!

  5. that list of 50 cutest things definitely left me saying awwww and it left me with a huge smile on my face! Everything was just too cute!


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