heat thoughts

This weather has me feeling seriously lethargic. Any activity I end up doing exhausts me, and simply touching someone while being hot can send me into the ultimate cranky mood. My thought process has been convoluted and seemingly backward, leaving me confused and feeling a bit lost more often than not. I just feel annoyed with just about everyone.

Apparently, I'm not a fan of the heat.

But it seems like I'm not alone. People have been more short-tempered in public, more quick to cut to cursing and cutting me off in line. I don't have the energy to lash back, but my mind races with choice words for them. The summer tourists are here in Boston in full force, and my tolerance for them is low. Stop in the middle of the sidewalk in front of me? Be prepared for the stink eye.

Things just feel off lately. And it feels way easier to blame the weather than to find the root of the problem.

Plus sweating just isn't cute.

So this is my apology to anyone who has been at the wrong end of the stick with my bad mood. I'm sorry. I don't mean it. Unless you cut me off. Then you totally deserved it.
Toby doesn't do bad moods. I should follow his lead.


  1. You know I feel you on this. Like whoas.

    Peggy, however, thinks these are the greatest days ever -- because it's a day and she's alive. Her and Toby need to meet so they can discuss how awesome life is.

  2. Toby's little smile! Love. And I hate everyone but you already knew that.

  3. http://tinyurl.com/czvh42d

    stupid, stupid heat. but you get the humidity which makes it worse. sry.

    i'll slap your cut-off offenders if you want. it'll give me a good excuse to come visit.

  4. Oh gosh, I totally understand the hot, humid weather thing. Each time we go back to Missouri in the summers it gets like that, and I get cranky and tired! Hope the weather cools down soon! You can have some of our Portland weather...

  5. You pay $ to do hot yoga, don't complain when you get to do it for free (#itsallaboutyourperspective)
    Arrested Development trivia was/is awesome, you guys missed out.

  6. Heyyyy, blaming my shitty mood on the heat?! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?

  7. What kinda dog do you have? She's adorable!



Oh, herro there.

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