holiday hangover

I'm still a little wonky from yesterday's mid-week holiday. So pardon me for not having a real post today. I'm still half asleep and probably will be for the rest of the day.

Let me share some of my favorite photos as of late.
beach fun.
toby + bone.
marley + toby. new friends.
Tell me, how was your holiday?


  1. Omg, I'm SO tired today...I guess that's what day drinking and then staying up til 1 am watching Real Housewives will do to you...gotta love a mid-week holiday :)

  2. Tooobbbbyyyyy!!!!!!! That is all :)

  3. It was a little weird having a day off in the middle of the week, huh? I slaved over a batch of red, white and blue star shaped jello shots for a BBQ party and ate about 10 while my friend and I watched our oh-so-adult boyfriends light off fireworks at each other. A very American 4th it was!


  4. SERIOUSLY WHY IS TODAY A THING?!? - to quote a wise person.

    But hey - there's Toby.

  5. I feel ya on the holiday hangover! Too bad it couldn't be a 5 day weekend :)

    xo Shane

  6. Precioussss and that photo of you on the beach is way too adorbs.

  7. Oooh your beach pic is making me jealous.

    Unlike everyone else, I like the day off in the middle of the week. I've simply convinced myself today is Monday, and I have a really short week. :D

  8. That's what you get for having a good time on a Wednesday. ;) I kid, I kid. Hope you feel better soon. Just think, tomorrow's Friday!

  9. Haha sounds like you had a terrific fourth. ;)

    I love these doggy photos!

  10. beach. you lucky devil. you get a friggin beach.


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