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This week's Nine to Five post is a bit special; it's me! Since both Shannon and I are also working ladies, we decided you all deserved to know a little more about ourselves as well. So this week, we're featuring my work style over on Shannon's blog, and my Q&A over here. Enjoy!
:: Describe your work environment from a style perspective (i.e. traditional business professional, stuffy corporate, laid back artsy, kid friendly, etc...). ::
I work at a small research firm, and we ascribe to the business casual mantra. Most days I wear skirts and dresses, especially now that it's super hot out, but some days I can get away with nice dark denim with light and airy blouses. I try to dress as professionally as possible because it honestly makes me work harder. 

:: What are your nine to five staples (go-to brands, or key items)? ::
Pencil skirts are a must-have for me, and J.Crew's No. 2 pencil skirts are a dream to me! I have one in purple, but ideally I'd like one in every color haha! I'm also obsessed with silk blouses; they look great when I need to look a little more professional and I pair them with said pencil skirts, but they also make my jeans look a little more polished. Oh, and ballet flats. I can never have enough :)

:: Does blogging make you a better employee at your day job? ::
I think blogging allows me to think more creatively. I think I've also become more open to people and ideas because of the varying amounts of people I've met in blogging. However, I do make a true effort to keep my blogging (slash personal) life and my work life pretty separate. I try not to blog while I'm at work, and I try not to do work while I'm at home. I like the balance, and it makes me feel a bit more organized.

:: Do you view blogging as a means of recording life, or as the start of an alternative career? ::
Blogging is a visual representation of my life right now. I don't know that I'd ever want it to turn into a career; I like having it as a yearbook or scrapbook of sorts. It also reminds me to be more exciting and to do different things, if only for the sake of blogging :)

:: Is blogging your main creative outlet, or do you also write novels, run marathons and knit all of your own sweaters? ::
I do not run marathons (yet), but I do run half marathons and a gamut of other distances. Just yesterday I ran another 5K! I also enjoy baking and photography, both of which I like to incorporate often on this blog.

:: How do you find time to do it all? When do you blog? ::
This is tough. I often blog the second I get home from work to schedule a post for the next morning. Ideally, I'd like to get at least two or three posts written and scheduled over the weekend, but most of the time that never happens. I cultivate lists of topics at the beginning of the week, however, to make sure I'm not struggling for ideas of things to write about. However, if I honestly don't have anything to say, I won't blog. But I like to talk, so generally I have something to blog about.

:: Finally, what have you been pinning lately? What are the items you are just dying to add to your work wardrobe? ::
I'm loving breezy tops with patterned shorts, cozy and no-fuss knits (I'm planning for fall people!), and maxis in deliciously rich colors. Obviously, I need all of this in my life. Immediately.

Would you like to be featured on our Nine to Five series? Shoot me an e-mail and let me know!


  1. Loving the maxis this summer. I just can't get enough.

    Also, I think being a blogger makes me get out and do more/be more exciting. But, I'm glad for it. I feel like I am really making the most of this life, and am happy to look back on all the things I have done since I started recording it all on my blog. I don't think it's all for the sake of blogging, but it definitely is motivation to do awesome things (or at least take the time to record the awesome things we do!).


  2. Alex and Anna, I totally agree. I do more, make more of an effort, experiment with new recipes, take more photos of Behr all for the sake of blogging! Sometimes I put a bit too much pressure on myself, but better than being a total sloth (which is my natural tendency).

  3. Blogging is such a great way to explore creativity. And I always love that Toby makes the posts.! :)

  4. Yayy so glad you get to be featured yourself!! And love that you point out how dressing professionally makes you work harder-- totally agree here.

  5. Hey, you forgot to talk about Toby;s style and accessories! His red harness looks great with his tan fur :P

    I love that you featured yourself, since you have grrreat styl!


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