an outfit post: summah

We've finally found some really nice weather here in Boston. Not too hot, not too humid. Perfect for a walk to dinner. And I was only sweating a little bit while these photos were being taken. It's some kind of miracle. Seriously.
similar blouse | skirt | sandals
similar bag
Summery without being fussy. And a loose shirt and elastic-waist skirt meant I could eat whatever I wanted without having to unbutton my pants. Hallelujah.

I have priorities, people.


  1. You look lovely! The shirt is so great, I love the colour :) the bit about the stretch skirt made me laugh, I totally take belly expansion into consideration when I get ready for a meal out! Lovely lovely blog, I've followed for a while now! :)

  2. I absolutely love the blouse! xx

  3. HA! I know what that's like, the unbottoning your pants after eating thing. Haha, I'm just laughing to myself over here. ;)

    Love the outfit-- especially the sandals and the color of that shirt!

    And I agree, it's nice not to be sweating so much! (fun fact: when I was taking my outfit photos for yesterday's nine to five, I WAS DYING HOT. It was something like 85 degrees that day and it was only 9:30 in the morning! It's funny now, but wasn't so funny then!)

  4. What a perfect summer dinner outfit! :)

  5. it's a good day when i hear i'm not the only one who like elastic waist clothes for eating. keeping my pants buttoned and my stomach happy is impossible.

    you look amazing! i can't even see the sweat!

  6. Craig's getting fancy with the outfit pics! LOVE IT.

  7. I spy a pretty Stella & Dot bracelet that I know quite wellll :) Adorbs as usual. You look beuttt in that color!!


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