product review: nubian african black soap

I mentioned a few weeks ago about my skin issues as of late, and I may have found the perfect solution.
I found Nubian Heritage's African Black Soap thanks to the lovely Bonnie at the whim wham life. The day after I read her testimonial about this black soap, I walked my little butt down to Whole Foods and picked up my own bar.

At first I was a bit skeptical. I don't generally use bar soaps. Not for my body nor my face. And this stuff is black. Like, real black. But I figured it's worth a shot, right?

For the first week, my skin reacted kind of poorly. I was still breaking out in my t-zone area, and it was frustrating. But it made me skin feel incredibly clean and soft after I used it. So I kept on.

I'm in week two of this soap now, and my skin is clearing up incredibly. I haven't noticed a new pimple  at all this week, and my skin still feels incredibly clean and fresh whenever I use it. Plus it smells amazing.

And for $4, it's not breaking the bank.

So if you have sensitive skin, and you're looking for something that works without being harsh on your skin, I couldn't recommend this soap more. It's a real miracle worker.


  1. Wow this sounds amazing! I've had some trouble with my skin recently, maybe I should try this! Do you know if it's available in the UK? :)

  2. Very interesting. As you know -- I routinely suffer (and complain about) my acne. I'll try it next breakout cycle!

  3. Okay, so I have to let you know. I read this post yesterday morning, but didn't have time to comment cause I was running out the door. Anyways, I was in Whole Foods yesterday afternoon and I looked for this soap and bought it because of you!

    I can't add my two cents to the results just yet, but I can say that it makes my skin feel incredibly soft.

    So thanks for posting about it! Love finding out about new products that people like, so we'll see how it goes!

    Happy weekend, Alex! :)

  4. This sounds great. I'll have to look into it more! I don't necessarily have sensitive skin, but even on my acne medication I've been breaking out lately. Hopefully when I'm not stressed out it'll calm down!


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