an outfit post: the blue dress

This summer has been boiling, but my office is as cold as ice. Easy solution? Throwing a blazer on. I featured this outfit during my Nine to Five post, but here it is up close and personal.

BADAM. Looking professional and still bein' stylish.
dress: j.crew | blazer: gap | belt: gap (similar) | sandals: jack rogers
bag: lo&sons | necklace: spike the punch 
It was entirely unintentional that the hydrangeas behind me matched my dress somewhat. But hey, it looks good so might as well pretend that I did it on purpose and scouted out the location long and hard.

Realistically, this is next to our grocery store and it looked better than standing next to bricks.

Also, many of you have commented that you like how I tie my belts. I learned it from Sydney, so I can't take any credit for its awesomeness, and it looks like she took down the video that showed how she does it. If you'd like, I can make a new video. Anyone? Anyone?


  1. YES, video! I love how Toby was doing his thang in the photos and couldnt even stay still for his momma to take her pretty photos. Come on Tobester!!!

  2. Yes, video please! This outfit is great for work and I love the color of that dress.


  3. Oh hai Toby! Lookin' good!

    I really love that dress, and a video on belt tying like that would be awesome.

  4. Look at you, so profesh! I can tell Toby is so proud :)

  5. Can I just tell you this Nine to Five post inspired me to seek out a dress of that same pretty blue?? I finally found a close one just yesterday so your timing in reposting this is perfect! :)


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