an outfit post: green with envy

I blogged last week about my love for bright cropped pants. Obviously, I own a pair. I don't wear them as often as I should.
similar shirt | pants | flats 
similar rings | similar wrap bracelet | similar bangle
Not going to lie, the first time I wore these pants I felt a little bit like a leprechaun. But now I know all of the ladies in Boston are green with envy of my bold pants. Hardeeharhar. I crack myself up.

I'll stop with the puns now.


  1. Mmm, yes I am (green with envy, lol)! I used to own a spectacular pair of bright red pants, but then my dryer decided to resize them. *whomp whomp*
    xox, Giedre

  2. I obviously love your green pantalones.

  3. love your cropped pants! the color is great for fall!

  4. ahhhhhhhh. i've missed it here. and your words and your outfits. and those pants that i've never seen before but obviously love. and that jeweled bracelet!!! where?!?!

  5. Haha I love the puns :) The pants are great and can we talk about how adorable your hair looks?

  6. Love the green but cropped pants do not work on this Mama. Tiny girls + cropped pants = midget legs.

  7. Hahahah no but really. I am the most green with envy. I would have said it if you didn't cause they just so cute!!

  8. I love this outfit! And I always love a bad/good pun :)


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