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I'm super jazzed for this weekend. Well...half super jazzed. I'm super jazzed that it's a long weekend and I get to relax and sleep in for three whole days! HOORAY! However it's also September 1 and it is the single most popular moving day in Boston. Ugh. My whole neighborhood is basically moving.
peaches & cream people's pops
+ Speaking of moving, BostInno came up with some helpful tips for folks moving this weekend and how NOT to make the weekend miserable for everyone else in the city. Folks. Pay attention to this shit. And do me a favor and try not to be an asshole whilst moving.
+ Refinery 29 came up with a slideshow of some seriously gorgeous city hall weddings. These ladies and gents look real good. And some of the stories that go along with the couples brought tears to my eyes. Love this.
+ My favorite magazine Real Simple gives some tips on how to reuse things around your house as organizational tools. Uh-mazing. You can bet your bottom dollar that homegirl is going to try to do some of these this weekend in between sleeping and running.
I hope you all have a lovely long weekend. Are you doing anything fun?


  1. Words cannot describe how excited I am.

  2. it´s great to see many good ideas.

  3. Knowing I don't have to work tomorrow. well.. there are no words to describe it..


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