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We're back into the sweltering heat here in Boston, and all I can think about is my dry cleaning bill due to all of the sweating I'm doing in my work clothes. Ugh.
+ Apparently there's something on the market now known as a "Weight Loss" perfume. Guys. I can't. The tagline for SlimScent's new scent is "sniff yourself thin." Here's a thought: eat healthy and exercise. It's a sure-fire way to lose some weight and get yourself on the right track to being healthy. Shenanigans.
+ Time wrote about the conundrum of the "sexy mom" this week and it got me really thinking. I mean, why is it so necessary for women to be perceived as sexy after they've had children? I'm definitely not saying we need to go back to the mom jean era, but do we need to put so much pressure on women to get slim and trim after they pop out a kid?
+ And lastly this week, information for you on what free birth control really means. I'm sure there are questions abound as to what it all means and how it affects you, and Refinery29 has you covered. Really. Read that.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Don't sweat too much :)


  1. I mean....I don't think you should have a kid and then be all gross but I mean...whatever. Do whatcha want!

  2. i enjoy the pressure. I WANT to feel/look/be sexy and youthful even though I have a baby because well, i AM young and im not ready to feel frumpy.

  3. weight loss perfume?? why do they even bother??


  4. Weight loss perfume?? Wow! Must investigate.


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