real love for real simple

I've loved magazines for as long as I can remember. I love feeling glossy pages and seeing colorful designs and layouts. Love. Magazines.

But my new magazine love? Real Simple. I feel like THIS is the magazine for all ladies. ALL LADIES.
Without fail, every time I read this magazine I know I will get tips on great outfits to wear, a fantastic and easy meal to prepare, and ideas on how to make my home better.

Everything you'd ever want in a magazine. And, as my bagging man at Whole Foods reminded me, it's great for many ages of ladies. He says he sees everyone buying it, from young ladies like myself to older ladies. It totally covers its bases.

If I could only have one magazine subscription for the rest of my life? This one. For. Sure.

Do you have a favorite magazine?


  1. oh my god! this is my favorite too! i just adore real simple and the most recent issue had the prettiest clothes i have honestly ever seen. :)
    kw, Ladies in navy

  2. I love this one. It is my favorite.

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words Alex! We're glad you love the magazine. And good to know that the gentleman bagging your groceries at Whole Foods is seeing at trend, too!

    - Kristin A., Senior Editor,

  4. I'll have to pick up a Real Simple and refresh myself on it. I generally pick up US Weekly when I'm flying just for mind numbingness, but when I am actually feeling alert enough to read a mag, I generally read Glamour. I always skip beauty sections in every magazine though- I don't know why I've just never been interested in hair and makeup stuff.

  5. I completely agree. Real Simple is my go-to magazine. I actually saved my September and October issues from last year because I loved their fall recipes/decorating ideas so much and I just pulled them out for this autumn. Seriously, how many magazines are relevant a year later??

    I also love Flea Market Style because...I'm a junker at heart and this magazine legitimizes my disease. :)

    I tend to steer clear of Cosmo, Glamour, and Vogue, as pretty as they are, because they are SO ad-heavy!

  6. Magazines are great, aren't they? I love Real Simple! I also really enjoy the WSJ magazine, mostly because of the amazing travel features.

  7. I like that magazine, but I hate spending money on magazines. Isn't that awful? My mom subscribed to Southern Living and I loved stealing it.


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