recipe: homemade iced coffee

I've spent a lot of money on iced coffee in my 24 years on this earth. embarrassingly large amount of money. Then I discovered homemade iced coffee using a french press. It's like stupid easy, perfect to prepare the night before and then the next morning, you're set and ready to go.
There's no real recipe for this. You basically use one scoop of coarse ground coffee for every four ounces of water in your french press. Instead of using hot water, you use regular tap water and let it brew overnight. The next morning, you press the top of the french press down with just the weight of your hand and voila, fresh delicious iced coffee.
Uh-mazing. Get on that right now.


  1. This is so great! I would say 90% of my budget is centered around coffee. I'm such an addict!

  2. Get one of those double-insulated plastic cups. They have them at CVS/any grocery store for like $5. Make your own iced coffee, and it will still have ice in it 3 hours later. It's like witch magic.

  3. Money saving is like... a huge problem of mine! Good reminder, Alex :)

  4. so easy. I am seriously considering getting a french press. Do you like yours? any recommendations?

  5. I need to buy one. What is my life?

  6. I've been making big batches of this (cold brew) in pitchers all summer long. Love it! (though I'm still a sucker for a dunkin donuts iced hazelnut. can't help it!)


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