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I'm super excited for this weekend to finally be here; we're off to Plymouth tomorrow morning to spend the weekend at our friend's beach house. Hooray! Trying to squeeze out the last bits of summer (though you won't catch me going in the ocean).
please, no photos.
+ On the Huffington Post, this Ohio woman found out her husband was also her father. You can't make this shit up. Thank you, HuffPo, for continuously giving me things to gasp at.
+ This week, The Frisky chatted about why you shouldn't be an intern for Anthropologie. Am I the only one who noticed those signs all the time, and seriously thought about applying? Well, I guess it's a good thing I didn't. This does not mean I still don't love Anthro with every fiber of my being. Because I do.
+ And lastly, this week on Eat, Live, Run, my favorite cook Jenna posted a recipe for pumpkin crunch granola that I'm just going to spend the rest of my day drooling over. Sigh.
I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing weekend. Anything fun planned?


  1. HOLY COW those links are CRAZY. I just found your blog--jealous of your beach trip and grateful for the awesome tips on what else to read. :)

    the Reverie blog

  2. Okay that Huffington Post article is RIDICULOUS. Like what the F was going on there? Wow. Anywho...have a good weekend and don't marry your Dad I guess. Random words of obvious wisdom. ;)

  3. Um thankyousomuch for that ELR link-- I never keep up with that blog as much as I should and have been dying to try pumpkin granola!

  4. i read that article and threw up and then i felt so sad for that poor lady. and then i threw up again. DO YOU THINK THEIR KIDS LOOK NORMAL?!?!?! HE KNEW?!?!?!?!


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