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The weekend is here! Hooray! Craig and I are off to Maine (with Toby!) for a relaxing few days starting Monday, and we couldn't be more delighted to take this little family vacation. It's long overdue, especially since our last vacation was unfortunately cancelled.
+ A student from Bryan College in Tennessee faced a bit of heat from the administration for publishing the truth about why one of the school's professors left the college. Apparently, he had been arrested as a part of an FBI sting involving meeting a young boy. It's all sorts of messed up, and honestly, the school is fucking up big time on this one. The school asserts that Alex Green used information for his story that was unverified, though everything he used was based off of FBI and police reports. The head of the school ordered him to not run the story, and Alex ran it anyway. I'm proud of him and his conviction to stand up for the right thing as a journalist. Kudos to Alex Green. The Huffington Post wrote that the school has since apologized for how it reacted to the situation, but still. Disgraceful.
+ In brighter news, puppy cam!
+ Wait so like some dumb kid at a different university in Tennessee was hospitalized after "butt chugging." Like. It's exactly what it sounds like. So. Yeah. Kids are doing that these days. I can't.
So that's the week in news! Even though we're off to Maine, there will still be plenty of posts coming up while I'm away. So don't forget about me! Please?


  1. Have fun in Maine! I love Maine/NH this time of year :)
    ps. I miss you!

  2. So excited for you that you are heading to Maine. Sounds lovely and relaxing!

  3. I hope you have a great vacay!! And that's too bad it got cancelled the first time. Also, I love your Converse and there is something about a crisp white pair of Converse that feels so good



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