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I feel like I always want something new for my home. And since we're in this space for at least another 11.5 months, I'm finally willing to put some thought into turning our little apartment into a home.

Of course, decorating would be easier if I had an unlimited budget. Because then I'd buy all of these.
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At least I can get the mugs? What are you looking at for your home?

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  1. well...plants, art, shit for the dresser, lamps, things for my desk, something for above the kitchen table.

    you know...

  2. Rich and I have the mugs! The A's are adorable, trust me, do it. And I'm so glad you're on the boat with mixing metals, I feel like eI can do it for sure now!!

  3. Omg! I make those mugs lol!! I swear the ones I make look identicle.. I have been making a bunch to give as christmas gifts to our extended family with little home made hot chocolate packets inside. Been thinking of adding them to my Etsy shop

  4. I have a long wishlist for my home and those mugs are one of them! Lovely round up friend!

  5. i'm dying to redo the bedding.. I want soft grays and natural looks.. but nothing too girly. you know.. just something that will make it even harder to get out of bed in the morning.

  6. So adorable - great taste Alex! I love the couch and shower curtains especially - so cute!

  7. HAHA why am I so behind I love this!!! Let's just move in to a beautiful home together (sorry Craig). ps. look atchu with the pretty circles and fun editing and things!


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