on running with toby

toby, post-run.
I run with Toby three to five mornings out of the week. The other mornings, I either take him for a walk or Craig takes him out. But those mornings when we run, we have a special bond.

It's pretty easy to get agitated with Toby while we're running. He stops every minute to sniff or pee on something, he slows down to look at people and sometimes he slows down to look at leaves. It leaves me in a constant stop and start during my runs. My times aren't too stellar when I run with Toby, but I don't care. Because we're spending time together.

Toby is probably the greatest running partner ever. He reminds me when I'm going too fast; both for his little legs and at a pace that's probably too fast for me to continue comfortably. He let's me know when he sees something dangerous ahead by slowing down. He reminds me to stop and pee on things smell the roses.

And when someone runs or walks by us and smiles at his little smiling face, well that just brightens my day. So while I may not be the speediest runner when I'm with Toby, I can guarantee I'm the happiest girl running down Beacon Street.


  1. Oh Tobin, reminding us all that sometimes you just need to take a tinkle.

  2. and it means so much to Toby! i miss being able to run with my dogs. Their happy smiles afterwards is priceless-- not to mention they get a good work out too.

    I especially loved running with our half lab/half beagle mix (we're guessing that's what she is anyway, she was a rescue) because she made me keep up with her ha and it's like you're in it together (bonding like you said). She also made me feel safer.

    i can't wait to get back to that after baby.

    Happy runs you two! :)

  3. +1. This post made me want to get a dog so bad!

  4. Toby just has the sweetest face!!! I just want to squeeze him!! Do it for me!


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