recipe: sangria

I think sangria is good at all times of the year, but I know a lot of people associate it with summertime. So since summer is coming to a close (pause for a moment to cry), now is the time to squeeze in your last drops of sangria.

I am a huge fan of red sangria, so I like using fun wines. Like this cute one with a rooster on it from Trader Joe's. Also, it's only $5, so I'm quite a fan.
I poured the bottle into a pitcher and threw in some fruit, orange slices, apple slices, pears and strawberries. You know, the usual. But then, I added in my secret ingredient.
This Sparkling French Berry Lemonade is out of this world. I poured about half of the bottle in and it added such a fun sweet taste.

So are you a year-round sangria drinker or just a summer sangria lover?


  1. AJ hates it so I can only order it when I'm out.

  2. I am a lover of white or rose wine sangria. My secret ingredient? A healthy pour of peach schnapps. More delicious AND boozier!

  3. STOP IT.

    This looks so good! Love your special ingredient! Also love Trader Joe's wine. Cheep and Yummy!

    And I will join in with a LARGE TEAR for the end of summer. Saddest day, but glad to be back enjoying your blog! :)

  4. You are so right. It is a delicious summer drink. But the thing is our next book club isn't until October and I think this sangria really needs to be in attendance...

  5. love this post!!!

  6. i would have loved this recipe this past weekend! haven't tried the sparkling lemonade, but i'm adding it to the list.


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