roasted tomatoes

Now that the weather is less, well, sweltering, I finally feel ready to head back into the kitchen and make real food. And what better way to bring in fall than with roasted tomatoes?

I saw this recipe over on Cooking Whims a few weeks ago, and decided I immediately needed those tomatoes in my belly. But I decided to switch it up just a little bit.
Roasted Tomatoes

3 beefsteak tomatoes
1 cup breadcrumbs
1/2 cup parmesan cheese (I used a gruyere parmesan mix. Because I can.)
a pinch of dried basil, 
1 t garlic powder
a good crack of fresh ground pepper and sea salt
a good drizzle of olive oil (and then some for the cookie sheet)

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees, and line a cookie sheet with tin foil and drizzle with olive oil. Slice your tomatoes in half and set onto the cookie sheet, round side down. Combine the rest of your ingredients in a small bowl. Evenly cover your tomatoes with the breadcrumb mixture, pushing it in a bit so it adheres to your tomatoes. Bake about 20-25 minutes uncovered. Let cool to room temperature and then enjoy!
I have a strong feeling I'll be making these over and over again. So delightful.


  1. yyyuuummmmm!!!! i bet i could make this paleo with almond flour :)

  2. Ohhh my these look so delicious! Parmesan & breadcrumbs can make anything drool-worthy :)


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