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You know that feeling when you get to a part in a book and it's SO GOOD that you just can't stop reading? I've had that feeling with every single one of Gillian Flynn's books.

It all started with Gone Girl...
I devoured this book. Devoured. I'm not generally a fan of mystery books, but this one opened up my mind. We're reading it for book club, so I don't want to talk about it too much because I know some of the book club ladies are still finishing it.

But I'm already on my third Gillian Flynn novel. Sadly, she's only written three, which DEVASTATES ME. So Gillian, if you're reading this, do a sistah a favor: WRITE MORE.

Have you ever gotten obsessed with an author like this? Have you read Gone Girl?


  1. Oh, this sounds interesting. I love that feeling when you become obsessed with a book. The last one I can remember being absolutely in love with was The Book Thief. What a read. I actually found myself not being able to read it unless I had complete and utter silence. It seemed unfair to the book to read it anyway loud or noisy or where I could be interrupted.

    I nearly wept when it was over!

  2. I read Gone Girl because my mom was losing her shit over it. And after I had I realized I had tried to read one of Gillian Flynn's other books. Key word: tried. :/ I'm so glad you've found an author you love though. I just read Room. It was kind of fascinating. Check it out!

  3. I cannot WAIT to read this book. My mom is finishing it up for her book club before passing it on and I can't wait to read it. I recently read Still Missing and would definitely recommend it, the twist at the end really makes you think and will definitely open your mind as well.


  4. Gone Girl is on my Kindle, I'm hoping to start it this weekend! I've heard it's amazing, so if you're confirming that too I'm even more excited to dive in! :)

  5. Haven't read it but I definitely want to!

  6. How are her other books? I loved Gone Girl! I finished it this past weekend and haven't picked up another book yet because nothing "feels" right, you know?

  7. ooh i'll have to check it out. i'm not usually one for a mystery novel either, but if it's a page-turner, i'm all over it. i got really into john irving in college, but i wouldn't exactly call those's more just great storytelling.

    thanks for visiting my blog! now following yours xo

  8. GONE GIRL SO GOOD. omg. i will leave the rest of my opinions for our meeting but holymoly that book got me. I have to take your advice now and get her others!!

  9. I have this book on my kindle, and I can't wait to start it soon! :)

  10. I just finished it!


    Seriously. Terrific.

    And the end??



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