things to do in boston: hops n scotch

So this new bar opened in my neighborhood called Hops N Scotch. It's this beer and scotch bar and it's kind of delightful. So Craig and I decided to head over there for dinner one night. And by Craig and I, I mean I begged and pleaded until he got so annoyed with me he said yes.

And while Hops N Scotch has delightful drinks, the food is out of this world. Guys. Scotch eggs.
Soft boiled eggs wrapped in spicy chorizo sausage and then fried. AKA everything I've ever wanted in life ever. Oh god. When those ended, I was devastated. Oh, but then came the po' boy and well, it didn't quite make up for the scotch eggs ending, but it was still quite delicious.
Oh, and the drinks? Those are delightful too.
So if you love Southern-inspired food and some delicious adult bevvies, head on over to Hops N Scotch. You won't regret it.

Hops N Scotch
1306 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446


  1. I had scotch eggs for the first time last year and I was so surprised I loved them! What a fun restaurant. :)

  2. AH I've been there! For drankin though, not food yet. Though now I totes know what I'm ordering when I do...


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