an outfit post: new england prep

You know how sometimes you see an outfit, and you automatically associate it with a certain style, or a place? Like the laid-back California look. Or sleek New York City. I'd like to introduce you to New England prep.
jacket: gap | sweater: j.crew factory | shirt: gap | pants: j.crew
flats: j.crew factory | bag: longchamp
Barn jacket? Check. Primary colored sweater? Check. Crisp button-down under said sweater? Check. When Craig saw me in this outfit, he basically said I looked like New England. Great success, in my opinion.

Do the pants look familiar? I had them on my lust list last week, and just couldn't resist picking up a pair. Now I want many many more pairs. Always.
Life hasn't been the same since these pants came into them. They're basically extra-thick leggings. I'm officially obsessed. What have you been obsessed with lately?


  1. obviously the 2nd to last photo is my fave. and that jacket was a super solid purchase.

  2. I loveeeeee pixie pants! I need a few more colors to get me through the winter. ;)

  3. And looking like New England is a fab compliment. ;)

  4. New England prep is my favorite kind of prep. And you know I like a lot of prep. Lovelovelove this look, can I please have that jacket?? xo

    1. Eee thank you girl! And we can share it :)

  5. Yeah, those pants are AWESOME.

    As is your whole outfit! So New England! Just perfect. :)


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