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What a week. Finally, we're entering the weekend, and I'm honestly just looking forward to sitting around and dealing with home things. Like cleaning. Organizing. Grocery shopping. You know, the usual.
+ Gossip Girl is in its final season and this is devastating for me since I love the show. However, we can always have hair like Serena van der Woodsen thanks to InStyle.
+ Some amazing women told CNN what advice they would give to their 15-year-old selves. It's quite inspiring and worth clicking through.
+ Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite wardrobe staples came to be? Real Simple found out and it's remarkably interesting. Like how sports bras came to be. WHO KNEW?
Oh, and can I tell you? I got my race photos back and I look SO GOOD you guys! But I'm a cheap asshole and I'm not buying any prints. So just trust me on that one.

I know, I'm so modest.

Anything good on tap for this weekend? Anyone? Beuller?


  1. I'm doing something unheard of and reading blogs during my planning. It's Friday, I'm sick, and I need to unwind.

    Tagging this post in my google reader so I can go back through and click through all of those links!!

    Happy Weekend, gorgeous!! :)

  2. Cleaning, purchasing, farmers market?

  3. I'm watching GG all over again on DVD and I love it!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

    1. Gossip Girl is just my greatest guilty pleasure. And there are so many marathons all over the Style Network. It kills me. In the best way possible.

  4. You're so good for not stealing/screen-shooting your race photos like me! And wtf is up with the ridiculous prices on race pictures?!

  5. Already clicking on all these links! Thanks chica!
    Have a great weekend~

  6. You always have the best links. Now, I'm going to have hair like Blake Lively. Yay!

    And I really enjoyed that "advice to 15 year old self" post. I could particularly relate to Maria Shriver's simple advice. Now I'm going to be wondering what I would say to myself...

  7. Adorable photo of you and your pup and I can definitely relate to being sad about Gossip Girl going away even if we can get Serena's hair (which I always want) hehe.

    Hope you had a great weeeknd and thanks for your sweet comment


  8. I am really expecting this season to be amazing. If it doesn't end with a C & B wedding I will be forever devastated.


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