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This was my first full week of work in a while, and I am definitely feeling it. I honestly feel like I say this every week, but this week felt really long. You can feel free to virtually dropkick me if you're over me saying that. Or you can nod your head in agreement because you often feel the same. Either way. Onward to some links.
+ My new favorite blog, Fries or Salad, posted twenty-something ways you know you're a twenty-something. And it's spot on. So relatable.
+ In case you ever thought of trying to jump into a frozen pool, this German man shows you why you shouldn't. Lessons learned.
+ As if you needed more of a reason to be jealous of Kate Upton anymore, she got her first Vogue editorial spread. I'm going to go cry.
+ BONUS LINK! Greatest Tumblr of all time? Kanye Wes Anderson. BAM.
This weekend I'm braving the crowds for the Gilt City Warehouse Sale. Pray for me. What are you up to?


  1. I always love your links. that 20-something one really is spot on. soooo many of them have been on my mind a lot lately lol.
    and I laughed at your first paragraph cause I say the same thing every week too. It feels like my life is one constant countdown to Friday, and it never seems to get here fast enough 8)
    hope you have an awesome weekend!

    1. (Dropkicks)
      Who takes days off? #notsureifserious

  2. That is the best new blog. Of all time.

  3. hahaha that kanye wes anderson blog is hilarious!! thanks for sharing!

  4. So I'm curious-- is the Gilt City warehouse sale online? Or at a location somewhere?

    I'm not a member of Gilt, but I love a good clothing sale.


  5. This is such a fun post and I like that you shared all these links. I gotta go check out the 20 something post. Also, after you described Lululemon pants, I'm gonna have to ask for them for Christmas. :)

    That salad looks really delicious too


  6. Oh man I must be getting old for even being in my twenties. I could only relate to maybe half of that list. Sigh.

    I remember that German pool thing. Did you post that on Facebook?? It seems like I remember it from there. :)

    That Vogue spread for Kate is just stunning. What a gorgeous girl. Must be freaking nice!! Haha.

    Oh, and if you like that Kanye tumblr, you might like this Kim twitter:

  7. I get the worsttttttttt shameovers ever now when I overdo it. This list is amazing.


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