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After staying up late last night finishing up our Halloween costumes and knowing I'll be spending my day packing and moving my office down one floor, I can safely say I'm glad it's Friday and soon I can rest. We're off to a few fun Halloween bashes this weekend, and I hope you're doing something fun too. Here are some fun links to bring you into your weekend.
+ Did I inspire you to dress up your pet after showing you Dinotoby? Buzzfeed shows you 27 other DIY pet costumes. Be prepared for hilariousness and adorableness.
+ The fabulous Tumblr "My Friends Are Married." Because...well...all my friends are getting married.
+ A 20-year-old Brazilian girl sold her virginity for $780,000. And like. What in the actual fuck? I've lost my faith in humanity.
Seriously people. Sometimes the world amazes me. And sometimes it fails me.

Oh and, do share. What are you going to be for Halloween??


  1. Oh my gosh that is the most disturbing thing! I just can't even wrap my mind around it. Its like the movie Taken.

    And that tumblr...hilarious:)
    Happy weekend!

  2. Wow, nice about that 20 year old girl who basically started out her adult life as a prostitute. Wtf. That's going to haunt her FOREVER. :S

    On a happier note, those muffins look delicious and I'm totally making them on Wednesday.


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