nine to five: fall lust list

Shannon and I decided to switch things up for this week's Nine to Five. We wanted to show you guys what we're lusting for this fall for work. Shannon's got you covered for business formal offices, and I'm sharing my business casual finds.
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What pieces are you hoping to incorporate in your fall wardrobe?
If you're interested in being featured in our Nine to Five series, drop me a line! We're always looking for new ladies to show off their style.


  1. Great picks. Seriously great picks. Now, can you find me a business casual job so I can justify purchasing ALL of these items? M'kay, thanks.

  2. I have the #2 pantalones and I HIGHLY recommend them.

  3. love those booties! i recently snagged a pair of velvet wedges that remind me of those and i love them!

  4. YES. YEEEEESSSS. Everything on here is on my lust list, too. I want those boots in a camel/brown color. MMMmmmhmmm!

  5. Oooh I love this idea and I LOVE.THAT.BAG. And I need more basics like those like whoa.

    1. I need a money tree so that bag can happen in my life. Furrealz.

  6. Love love the red stripes, Alex! :)

  7. Love the striped shirt! Gosh I have soooo many things I am lusting after this Fall! Hard to keep track!


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