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I'm off to Maine today, but don't think I'm going to leave you hanging with posts! I have lots of fun things planned for the next few days! Today's Nine to Five is the amazing Meghan from the blog I was immediately smitten with her adorable blog and her amazing recipes (all gluten free!). Her adventures are so lively, and her photographs are seriously stunning. Learn more about Meghan's nine to five look over at Shannon's blog!
:: Describe your work environment from a style perspective (i.e. traditional business professional, stuffy corporate, laid back artsy, kid friendly, etc.)... ::
My work environment is "business casual" with an emphasis to the casual! I work as a medical receptionist to a laid back naturopathic doctor. She wears scrubs, her husband works here and wears scrubs too. So, it's just me and them! I try to look very put together at work while being able to move around in what I'm wearing since I'm constantly running around with charts and stock our labs with shipments. I have to wear orthotic insoles so I'm forced to wear a certain type of shoe. This helps me though, because I need to wear flats in such a fast-paced environment!

:: What are your nine to five staples (go to brands, or key items)? ::
I work in a COLD work environment, so I always have a cardigan (new favorite is from H&M), a pair of flats, and long skirts and pants. I always wear a necklace! My favorite and most loved is my necklace from Anthropologie with removeable charms! I buy most of my clothes at used clothing stores or thrift stores, so I don't really have any go-to brands! Just whatever I like and fits, I'll get!

:: Does blogging make you a better employee at your day job? ::
I don't think it directly makes me a better employee, but it serves as a creative outlet for me so that I do not feel "stuck" at my day job. I am passionate about where I work, but I am more passionate about cooking, creating and photography! It helps me focus more at work because I know when I get home I'll be able to express my creativity through my blog.

:: Do you view blogging as a means of recording life, or as the start of an alternative career? ::
Such a hard question! To me it is both. I love to look back at old posts and see where we've been in our journey and where we are now. I am so thankful that I will have this little space for years to come to look back on memories and stages of life. We use it (the blog) ALL the time in our kitchen to use recipes I've posted for dinner. It's like our own little cookbook!!  I'd also love for it to be part of an alternative career in the next 2-3 years! I definately would love love love to be able to devote more time to cooking, being creative and helping others live a healthy life (whether that is eating gluten free and vegan or not!). Especially if we are able to start a family--I'd love to be able to stay at home. But we'll see where the road leads.

:: Is blogging your main creative outlet, or do you also write novels, run marathons and knit all of your own sweaters? ::

Ha! Blogging is not my only outlet and I love that! I don't run marathons, but I do hike a lot and spend time outdoors. I have written a children's book (waiting to get direction on publication), and I also have just started a photography business which I LOVE!!!!! Most of the things around our house are handmade, hand built or re-refashioned by my husband and I. Oh, and I paint! So I do have LOTS of outlets, and I like it that way! We hope to start a garden next year which will be a fun new outlet and adventure.

:: How do you find time to do it all? When do you blog? ::
I am lucky because my work schedule is 10 hours T-F and I am off weekends and Mondays. I do the bulk of my blogging on Saturdays and Mondays. If you want to know details, I keep a little black notebook with me a work where I think up recipes, post ideas, DIY projects, and lots and lots of lists. I LOVE post scheduling! I will edit photos and write on the weekends and schedule them to go live throughout the week. During the week I'll cook and take a lot of the photos you see on the blog, and save the editing for weekends. I'll use spare time during the week to anser e mails and work on guest postings, like this one :)

:: Finally, what have you been pinning lately? What are the items you are just dying to add to your work wardrobe? ::
I have been pinning lots of handmade jewelry (rings and bracelets), fall outfit inspirations complete with flannel and long skirts!! Fall is my absolutely most favorite season of all, so when it comes to anything that has to do with fall tones and colors I'm hooked and this rolls over into my wardrobe selections!!! If fall colors were acceptable year round I'd never wear a sundress. And that's the truth!

Thank you so much for joining us this week, Meghan! It's so fun to see so many different women in so many different careers. And remember, Nine to Five is now a link up! So get your outfits ready and submit them below! If you're interested in being feature in our series, feel free to e-mail me!


  1. Thanks for featuring me, Alex! You guys made me seem super cool:) haha. I'm glad I've gotten to meet you through Shannon!

  2. those look like the comfiest shoes! i think i need a pair!


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