a new toy

I added a fun new toy to my repertoire this weekend...
I can't even tell you how excited I am to get this guy in my life. In the few short days I've had it, I've noticed an extreme difference in my photos. It's pretty dang amazing.

Obviously the first shot I took with the new guy was of the dog in the camera shop. Meet Ringo.
And then to make up for it, I came home and took a picture of Toby.
So tell me, camera-toting friends. What lens should I invest in next?


  1. Amazing! I want this lens!! :)

  2. I'm thinking this would be a really good idea for my Christmas list!!!
    Wasn't sure what to ask for from parents but now I know :) Would you recommend this as my choice? Now I just have the lens that actually came on my canon rebel when I bought it, and that's it. So I'm not sure what's best as my next step, but I love the way these photos came out

  3. The ears! I have no idea, I don't know shit about lenses.

  4. Pancake lens? I thnk i want to get that one next. it's officially called the "40mm" lens. I would love that one!


  5. you are going to have so much fun with that lens girl! woot woot!

  6. ooooh, I definitely need to get a new fancy lens! well, first, I should probably learn how to use my camera! AND I want a sweet little puppy! You've given me some christmas ideas:-) xoxo

  7. I'm talking cameras today TOO! I need to decide if I want to invest in a fancy new lens like that or a whole new camera..?? :-/

  8. Wow talk about a high quality camera. Congrats on the awesome new toy. These photos came out better than crystal clear. I feel like I can reach out and pet the doggies. ;)

  9. i still need to buy a big girl camera! love how the pics of the cute dogs came out!


  10. These pictures are awesome! This lens is definitely on my Christmas list!! :)

  11. Ah! So exciting! While I'm still saving just to get a DSLR, I'm in awe!


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