friday links

After a brief break from the links last week, I thought it was time to bring 'em back. Did you miss these?

I hope so.
toby watches me cook. really, he's hoping i drop scraps.
- Buzzfeed shows us 23 adorable pups in cups. Like. Guys. I'm just exploding with "Squeeeeeeee!" noises. I cannot be taken seriously when looking at puppies. Especially puppies in cuppies.
- HuffPo let us know what a woman's perfect day would consist of. Mine would consist of sleeping late, running long, sleeping more, playing with Toby, watching a movie, casual night out with friends. What would yours be?
- More Buzzfeed: GPODB (gratuitous photos of David Beckham). Happy weekend, indeed.
After an extremely long week, I'm glad the weekend is here. I've been needing a recharging weekend for a while, so I'm hoping that's what this weekend will be. Also, it's supposed to be like 65 degrees on Sunday in Boston and I'm flabbergasted. Snow, sleet and 65 in one week? What the hell, Mother Nature? What. The. Hell.


  1. not going to work...indefinitely? and sleeping in. Hi Toby!

  2. DPODB - that is hilarious, and also completely awesome!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

    1. It's always necessary to look at a little Becks ;)


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