how to deal with a hurricane

For the tail end of the weekend and the beginning of the week, we were dealing with Hurricane Sandy (interestingly enough, the same name as my mother). So how does one deal with a hurricane?

First, you bake some muffins.
recipe via the lovely Christin 
Then you make some turkey chili.
recipe via Craig's brain
And then you watch endless hours of Law & Order: SVU on Netflix and pray that your power doesn't go out. Thankfully, it never did, and I got my fill of Benson and Stabler.

Were you stranded at home during the hurricane?


  1. exactly.
    We baked (oatmeal chocolate chip cookies), cooked (homestyle mac&cheese), overate, watched movies, and said a silent 'thank you' to myself for every minute that went by and I didn't lose power (I never did either). Honestly, I'd take a storm every Monday if that's how I got to spend it... :)

  2. Glad you stayed safe and cozy! I've never had to stick out a hurricane before, but I'm pretty sure I'd go this route:-) xoxo

  3. YES! In LA :( Get me back to the East Coast!

  4. First off, my mom's name is Sandy, too. Haha. Too funny.

    Also, looks like your time indoors was well spent! Both the muffins and chili look devine!

    I had two days off. The first was spent making cinnamon rolls and eating pounds of halloween candy. The second was spent in Harvard Square! I feel lucky I got the extra day-- it was a treat to have it off and still have power!

  5. Those muffins look amazing! Glad you're safe and warm with power. :)

  6. oh my yum!! the chili and muffins are great storm food

  7. Hope you didn't make a Hurricane Sandy baby! ;) Glad you're safe, love.


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