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I'm dreaming of moving to a place with a big, open kitchen. But, realistically, we'll probably just end up staying in our current place for a little while longer. But that doesn't mean I can't dress up our kitchen a little more. Here are a few things I'm lusting to line my shelves with...
tala storage canister set | adorable canisters that tell you what's exactly in them; pure perfection.

ceramic egg crate | what better way to display eggs? no cardboard containers will do.

takenaka bento boxes | i could take my lunch to work in style.

labeled kitchen mixing bowls | nestled bowls with fun phrases and a spout. obviously necessary.

What do you want to add to your kitchen?


  1. i love bento boxes. i want TEN.

  2. i really want the aluminum ones but they're like a million dollars.

  3. The canister set is so so cute!

  4. Love everything! I want a big kitchen with some nice open windows that overlook a beautiful backyard or something! But I doubt I'll get that for a long while. . . Our kitchen is pretty nice though, can't complain! I don't know what I'd add since I share with two other people. . . Oh wells.

  5. Why are egg holders so adorable??? I'm also loving anthropologies chalk board canisters

    1. Gah I don't know! I want them all! And those are super adorable too!

  6. My mom has some vintage blue canisters JUST LIKE THOSE. They're aluminum and they belonged to my grandmother. I read your post and immediately called my mom and forbade her from ever getting rid of them. "I lay claim to them as my inheritance," I told her. She agreed.

    Sorry I have been totally AWOL blog-wise but I am BACK and I love you and I love this post and I am going to now catch up on everything I have missed!

  7. These are the little touches that make a kitchen go from average to adorable. I wish I wasn't so lazy when it comes to decorating my kitchen. I just have this irrational fear that if I make my kitchen look cute, I'll want to spend more time in there, stuffing my face with the cookies and cakes Rian picks up from the store. Lol.

    I hope you're having a great weekend. :)

  8. The mixing bowls are so cute! Love a simple white bowl with a quirky detail.


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