made well.

I inadvertently turned this outfit post into an ad for Madewell. You're welcome, Madewell!

In actuality, I wore this outfit the day after Thanksgiving, well-known as Black Friday. I had no intention of shopping that day. But somehow I ended up at J.Crew and somehow I ended up with a bag full of goodies.

Someone stop me.
top | cords | flats | scarf | similar bag 
Did you end up shopping on Black Friday? Or, ya know, did you say you weren't going to go shopping and then did you magically find yourself in your favorite shop?


  1. Haha! I found myself in both j.crew and madewell. Those stores. They're going to ruin me.


  2. GAP. I GAP'd it up. And you look adorbs, as usual.

  3. Oh so cute!!!! Well worth it, friend!!!

  4. I was on the road Friday, so no risk of splurging, thankfully. Now I want to see what you got from J.Crew!

  5. I love the weight & length of that scarf. I feel like scarves always end up looking sort of funny. This one is done right!

    I was in the boonies of VA for Thanksgiving AND Black Friday & did no shopping whatsoever except to help a friend's mom buy her Christmas tree. :)

    1. Thanks girl! And I wish I had been able to stay away from the sales! They stole my moneyz!

  6. i actually didn't shop on black friday at all, i am afraid to attempt it because of all the crowds! i love your outfit here and your hair looks really pretty!

  7. Remember when you told me the nicest thing in the world and said I could be the face of Lilly? You could totes be the Madewell girl. LOVE this, so you!


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