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Marathon things are starting to ramp up around here. Mildly nerve-wracking. There's a whole lot of, 'What have I gotten myself into?' floating up in my ol' brain. Scary.
I need to do more strength training during the next 20ish weeks; I've got a voucher for Pure Barre in Boston, if that ever opens. It was supposed to open at the beginning of the month. I'm still waiting.

Will I be able to raise all of the money I need? Or will I crash and burn?

I got fitted for new sneaks a few weeks back. Here's to hoping they make me super speedy.
Who doesn't love purple sneaks?


  1. You are going to ROCK IT. You haven't failed me yet :) Plus you're like my running coach/guru. So I have no doubts.

    Speaking of being my running coach: advice- 5k is at 10am on Saturday, what do I eat before? I don't eat eggs or meat. And can't run on an empty stomach. I thought you might have some good ideas!

  2. I am so nervous for you. But also, you'll kick this marathons ass. AND maybe you should try the crossfit to get strong?

  3. I just moved to Boston a few months ago so I'm still getting familiar with the area - I'm curious where you went to get your sneakers fitted, I definitely need to get a new pair. Thanks!

    1. Welcome to the Bean! I highly recommend any of the Marathon Sports locations; they know how to fit really well and never try to force you into buying if you're not ready yet.

  4. I can totally relate to where you're coming from...even though I'm not running a marathon. I know those same fears would float through my head! (Although you've definitely got me thinking maybe I should try to raise money to run?) The hardest part about training for me is balancing running with other things (strength, yoga, cross). I just can't seem to manage it. Good luck girl! You'll do it! Hope those shoes help! I have GOT to get fitted.

  5. You inspire me. You're going to do great! I'm really excited to hear how marathon stuff progresses.

  6. You are a brave gal - running marathons sounds wickedly scary to me. I'm not a runner whatsoever. I do however love Pure Barre! There's one here in Beverly Hills (California, not Mass :)) and it's great!


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