weekend coma

Oh, I'm sorry, were you expecting a real post here today? I'm still in a food coma, unfortunately. But hey, here are some Instagram shots of my weekend. You know, in case you don't follow me on there (even though you really should).
toby, napping post-thanksgiving
a beautiful Boston morning.
for our three year anniversary, we had brunch at zaftigs...
...and it was so delicious.
and now we're doing christmas
So tell me, how was your holiday weekend?


  1. why can't every weekend be a 4-day weekend?
    and I missed it Saturday but happy anniversary!! 3 years is very exciting :) and the post you wrote about it is beautiful!

    also I have some exciting running-related things to tell you!

  2. hahha totally hear you on the food coma! we just got our tree up too and i'm SO ready for Christmas!

  3. congrats on your anniversary - zaftigs is sooo delicious! i'm also in a food coma aka i'm going to the gym every single day this week to work off all of the delicious calories i consumed. i'm going to get my christmas tree next weekend and i can't wait!

    1. Zaftigs is mah fave. Fo sho. And I've been running stupid miles counteracting this eating.

  4. christmas. anniversary. toby. it's all just so good. what a good weekend.

  5. your brunch looks divine! and your tree! :) ahh!


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