an outfit post: crew catalog

Even though only about half of this outfit is from J.Crew, I still sort of felt like I fell out of a J.Crew catalog wearing this outfit. My two Crew pieces were from my Black Friday excursion, and I'm pretty proud of those finds. Especially the flats. Like. Probably my new favorite flats. This outfit definitely needed a pop of color though, so my trusty Kate Spade bag was perfect.
scarf: gap (similar) | jacket: gap (similar) | shirt: j.crew | jeans: lucky brand
flats: j.crew | purse: kate spade (similar)
Also that second photo just reminded me how desperately I need to get my highlights redone. Ugh. It's a mess up there.


  1. love love love! that kate spade bag was an awesome purchase!

  2. love this cozy look and LOVE that bag. also your highlights don't look bad at all. ombre is all the rage!

  3. This does look very Crew, which means I love it. So great meeting you last night at Audubon Circle!! Good luck with your marathon endeavors, I look forward to reading about them

    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  4. I'm obsessed with you. Obvi Crew catalogue, have I not told you this a million times before?? So adorbs.

  5. I absolutely love when I throw together an outfit that looks like it's from the jcrew catalog. I really like that scarf.

  6. I follow your blog now, Yay!


  7. Oh my goodness I am so jealous of your bag and your shoes and that warm drink in your hand! Haha!

  8. You look really great. I like your bag. Perfect color. Have a nice day.

    1. Thank you love! That bag always brings the right amount of pop :)

  9. Ooo that bag! And I totally have some flats in those colors but can not figure out how to best pair them! Perfect. And do not know a hair touch-up in dire need until you have seen mine. Yikes.

  10. your hair looks perfect! and those flats are awesome. i love the colors.


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