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Friday again! We're coming up on the first night of Hanukkah, so it'll be a very fun weekend. Hopefully filled with lots of chocolate gold coins. Because I need me some more chocolate and more excuses to eat it.
+ Buzzfeed gives us 12 Days of Grumpy Cats. Hilarious.
+ A woman from Pennsylvania teaches us why you should never drink someone's last beer: she basically beat the shit out of her boyfriend after he took her last Colt 45.
+ And in dumb dumb dumb news, this dumb girl bragged about robbing a bank on YouTube. Way to suck, girl. Like, I can't with your stupidity.
So tell me, how many holiday parties do you have on tap this weekend?


  1. These links are pretty hilarious, haha!

  2. WTF? People are just batshit crazy!

  3. These links are killing me. People are so stupid.

    Alex. Alex. Alex. I was invited to a Christmas party tonight, the first party I've been invited to since August and I'm not going because I would rather sit here and look at blogs. Is that pathetic or what?


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